About Chiau Van
About Chiau Van
The Director of Chiau Van Enterprise has been engaging in import and export for over 25 years.
CVE (Chiau Van Enterprise Co., Ltd.) was established in 2004.
CVE's business lines are wide and flexible. 
●  CVE welcomes varied assembly works, OEM jobs, and Custom- made designs
We don't limit the products. We can cooperate with varied production lines, assembly houses, manufacturers to meet each customer's terms , conditions, and requests. 
If any customer needs CVE to source or buy the materials and components for their assembly jobs.
CVE will comply with customers's approval sheet to purchase and control the sources and quality.

●  CVE is also a trader for varied products
We sell and distribute varied products and components. 
●  CVE hopes to reduce customer's cost
In order to reduce customer's cost and make sure customer can get the proper replacement.   
We look for the sources for customer's demands and compare the prices before quote.  We suggest different brands for each item for customer's selection.

■  The way of inspections before shipment
If customers have any special requests of inspections before shipment.
We will appreciate customers to provide the details.
■  We only engage in legal business transactions.
We sincerely look forward to having the opportunity and pleasure to serve you soon.